Gershon Leizerson & The Yiddish Blues Drifters
New Folk Outfit from Jerusalem
Aug 5 Sat 8 p.m. @mon ami
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €

Aug 6 Sun 8 p.m. @Alte Synagoge  [YSW goes Erfurt]
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €

Gershon Leizerson’s Yiddish Blues Drifters have just released their debut album. The band fuses good, old-fashioned Eastern European Jewish music with contemporary Israeli and Arab tunes and crazy Balkan folk grooves. Along the way, they have reinvented forgotten Jewish masterpieces and created new, authentic-style melodies to accompany recently rediscovered traditional Yiddish lyrics. Active most prominently as a composer and klezmer musician, Gershon has been playing klezmer, Eastern European and Balkan folk music for many years. He has performed with a vast number of bands and toured worldwide with the popular Israeli klezmer group, Oy Division. Gershon Leizerson & The Yiddish Blues Drifters - a fresh new voice in Israeli folk music!

Gershon Leizerson (IL) - voice, violin
Amitay Mann (IL) - clarinet, vocals
Ariel Qassis (IL) - qanoun
Ira Shiran (IL/D) - accordion
Rosa Leah Salomon (IL) - double bass