Yiddish in Israel
Lecture series
Aug 2 – 6, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. @Eckermann
With Dr. Evita Wiecki
Before the Holocaust, Yiddish was the mother tongue of millions of Jews in Europe, and thus of most European immigrants to Eretz Israel. Yet the official language of the Zionist national project was Hebrew, while Yiddish led a fluctuating life in the shadows. Despite its relegation to the sidelines, the former language of everyday Jewish life in Eastern Europe was preserved and cultivated, leaving significant traces in Israeli culture and the Hebrew language. This lecture series provides an insight into Yiddish life in (Eretz) Israel in the 20th century, Israeli language policy and the current state of Yiddish in Israel.

The lecture will be held in German language.
Admission free