Choir Project

Do you like to sing and have some experience in singing in choirs? Then KADYA is for you!

KADYA is a YSW-collaboration with the youth choir "Voices of Peace" from Israel, based at the Arab-Jewish Community Center of Jaffa. The project is designed for singers from Weimar and YSW who are under the age of 21 (target age group is 12 - 18).

Alan Bern, Diana Matut and Yair Dalal will work with the KADYA choir in Jaffa and Weimar from June 28 to July 17 (dates may still vary), with concerts in Jaffa and Weimar. We will sing new songs composed by Alan Bern with lyrics by Kadya Molodowsky, a wonderful and well-known Yiddish poet.

Are you in the right age group and want to participate? Then write an email to project manager Andreas – andreas.schmitges@othermusic.eu – and we'll keep you posted about the project. More detailed information will be posted hear by the end of January.

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