Yair Dalal & Esti Kenan Ofri
Ein musikalisches Gipfeltreffen: Jüdische Musikwelten aus Sepharad und dem Irak
4.8. Sa 20:00 @Alte Synagoge
Eintritt: 19,50 € / 10,50 €
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Two masters of two great musical traditions meet and share their worlds in this exclusive concert for YSW goes Erfurt. A virtuosic oud player, violinist and vocalist, Yair Dalal is the leading interpreter of Iraqi-Jewish music of his generation, while vocalist/percussionist Esti Kenan Ofri is a celebrated interpreter of Sephardic song and composer of new works based on classical Arabic music.

The concert is an intimate encounter with two great musical souls and a New Space in the cultural diversity of The Other Israel.

Line up:
Esti Kenan Ofri (IL) - voice, percussion
Yair Dalal (IL) - violin, oud