Erik Bendix (USA; dance)

Erik Bendix has taught international folkdance since 1972 and has been on the dance faculty of Yiddish Summer Weimar several times. Andy Statman played at Erik's 1981 wedding, inspiring his search for dances done to this music. This led him to Yiddish dance maven Michael Alpert, with whom Erik has worked with ever since.
Erik choreographed a Yiddish dance suite for the Westwind Ensemble in San Francisco, worked with Cincinnati’s Fanchon Shur on her Jewish choreographies, helped initiate the 2007 Yiddish Dance Research Symposium at New York University, and has taught Yiddish dance for synagogue communities and folkdance camps worldwide. His father's family fled Nazi Berlin in 1938; his children now live there.

a half-hour interview of me as a folkdance teacher:

Photo: Ralf Hiemisch

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