Polina Shepherd (RUS/GB; voice, composition/arranging, choir conducting)

Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) is a composer, performer and choir leader born in a Russian Jewish family in Novosibirsk. Whilst living and studying in Tatarstan, Central Russia in the 1980-1990s, she was one of the visible young Jewish activists in the republic. She moved to the UK in 2003 where she now leads three regular choirs and teaches and performs internationally. Her latest project is 150 Voices, a collaboration between Polina, the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning Klezmatics Lorin Sklamberg and five choirs in the UK and the USA. Polina's choral settings for Yiddish poems and folk song arrangements are performed all over the world. Her choir work is united by the umbrella of The Polina Shepherd Vocal Experience and covers many aspects of vocal music from large scale choirs to smaller chamber groups, from highly arranged and conducted pieces to on spot choral improvisation.



Photo: Shendl Copitman