Istanbul Klezmer Kapelye

Thu, Aug 3 ‘23 08:00 PM
The new, young klezmer scene at the crossroads of East and West

Klezmer music in Istanbul? Indeed! Istanbul Klezmer Kapelye is a new group of young musicians from Turkey, France, Finland, Russia, and America based in Istanbul. Their high-energy performances are creating a buzz with audiences who connect with its unique mixture of familiar and unfamiliar. Come to this concert and experience for yourself what the buzz is all about! 
Line-up: Mikhail Pashkov (RU/TR) - double bass
Sevim Nur-Dalan (TR) - accordion 
Mathew Solomon (US/TR) - trombone 
Gabriel Meidinger (FR/TR) - violin 
Kerem Can Aslan (TR) - drumset
Alevtina Parland (FIN/TR) - trumpet

Location: Wandelhalle, Wartburgallee 53, 99817 Eisenach
Contact: , +49(0)15776463340
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