Lucidarium: Ritual Echoes (1st concert)

Thu, Aug 3 ‘23 07:00 PM
Kleine Synagoge
Music for the mikveh: The joys and sorrows of medieval Jewish femininity. Piyyutim and instrumental music from the 11th to 13th centuries

Lucidarium/Ritual Echoes, originally designed for and around the Speyer mikvah, attempts to bring the soundscape of a typical Jewish woman of the Middle Ages – be she a prayer leader, a saleswoman, a midwife or a bride – back to life, in a way designed for 21st-century audiences. It features artistic reconstructions of 12th- and 13th-century piyyutim, Jewish vernacular songs, and the instrumental music that would have been the musical patrimony of Jew and Christian alike. While there is a strong focus on the tragedies of the era - for example, piyyutim dedicated to the Rhineland massacres of 1096 - the program places equal emphasis on music meant for joyous moments, such as a wedding, a Purimfest, or a spontaneous dance, that were also part of a Jewish woman’s life.

Carla Nahadi Babelegoto, Svetlana Kundish: voice
Avery Gosfield: recorder, pipe and tabor, double flute, conception, musical direction.
Susanne Ansorg, medieval fidel

The project Ritual Echoes was created by Avery Gosfield during the 2022 ShUM (Hebrew acronym for Speyer, Worms, and Mainz in the Rhineland) cities Artistic Residency program.

Working between historical sources and the oral tradition, Lucidarium is dedicated to a multicultural approach to early music, bringing the voices of the “others” – those who lived in the shadows of the great institutions – back to life in an entertaining, engaging way designed for 21st-century audiences. Although the research for the various projects is the responsibility of its director, the final product is developed collectively, the result of rehearsals where each musician is fully involved in the creative process. This combination of cutting-edge research, creativity and an energetic, spontaneous performance-style has brought has brought both popular and critical acclaim to the ensemble.

Carla Nahadi Babelegoto ( ) - voice
Svetlana Kundish (IL/UA/D) - voice
Avery Gosfield (US/IT) - recorder, pipe and tabor, double flute, conception, musical direction
Susanne Ansorg (D) - medieval fidel

Free Admission, please reserve a free ticket.

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Location: Kleine Synagoge, An der Stadtmünze 4, 99084 Erfurt
Contact: , +49(0)15776463340
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