Caravan Orchestra and Choir

Thu, Aug 10 ‘23 08:00 PM
Yiddish, Greco-Turkish, Middle Eastern Music and more from the young, prize-winning, international orchestra & choir

The 2018 Shimon Peres Prize-winning Caravan Orchestra & Choir is an exchange project between Yiddish Summer Weimar and the University of Haifa (Israel), in cooperation with the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar (Germany).

Each year, young musicians from Israel and Germany come together in Haifa and Weimar for rehearsals, workshops, excursions and more to create that year's Caravan Orchestra & Choir. 

Guided by international renowned artistic directors, they explore East European Jewish (Yiddish), East Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music traditions. It is the synthesis of those cultures that makes the sound of the Caravan Orchestra so unique. In keeping with this year's special topic in Yiddish Summer Weimar, the sounds and colors of Greco-Turkish music will have a special place in the project. Don't miss the chance to catch the 2023 version of the incredible Caravan Orchestra & Choir!

Polina Shepherd (GB) - artistic director  
Christian Dawid (D) - artistic co-director
Asineth Fotini Kokkala (GR/TR) - artistic co-director  
Çiğdem Aslan (GB/TR) - artistic co-director Members of Caravan Orchestra & Choir (IL/D)

Location: Wandelhalle, Wartburgallee 53, 99817 Eisenach
Contact: , +49(0)15776463340
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