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For more than 20 years, YSW has helped develop an international learning community. Our 4-fold mission is to research, teach, create and present Yiddish and related cultures. Just as important to us as our content is our social mission: the free exchange of ideas and experiences that is essential to creativity and empowerment for individuals and societies alike. more

Below, you’ll find some short descriptions of the various online offerings and a full calendar of online events. Click the links to find out more, or write to us if you have questions.

A quick overview of the online sessions for 2021:

YSW21 Workshop Streams
1-hour streams of special parts of the workshops
July 27 - Aug 20

Since not everyone who would like to can be in Weimar this year. we’re bringing a piece of the workshops to everyone! 3 times a week throughout the summer we’ll be streaming from the workshops on Zoom and YouTube, sharing one hour sessions with a variety of instructors and formats, from repertoire classes to lectures/presentations and deep dives into style and interpretation of a single piece. more

The world of Kiselgof and Makonovetsky
Lecture Series
Aug 3-8

The early 20th century saw an unprecedented surge of ethnographic collecting and creative work based on traditional Yiddish art and culture. Largely done with the goal of contributing to a new Yiddish or new Soviet folk culture, this work left us a significant amount of transcriptions, recordings, photographs and more which allow us glimpses into the past. more

Lecture series speakers

Aug 3 Christina Crowder – Digital An-ski: A Community Expedition

Aug 4 Lyudmila Sholokhova – An overview of the Jewish collections in the Vernadsky Library in Kiev

Aug 5 Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett – Journey of a Thousand Years: A Curatorial Tour a POLiN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Aug 6 Valery Dymshits – Jewish Ethnomusicology in Russia and the USSR in the First Half of the twentieth century

Aug 7 Michael Steinlauf – I.L. Peretz and the rise of modern Yiddish culture

Meet The Artist
Conversations between performers and YSW Artistic Director, Dr. Alan Bern
Aug 3-7

If you've ever wondered what it's really like to be a professional musician in the Jewish music world, this is your chance to find out! more

Concert Streams
Nightly livestreams of concerts during the Festival Week
Aug 3-7, 7:30 pm

Join us nightly during the festival week (August 3-7) for streams of the concerts, featuring presentations by this year’s faculty, plus special guests, The Klezmatics... more

Dates & Times for online streams (all times given are Berlin time)

Week 1 July 26-August 1

July 27  5-6 pm  Sveta Kundish, Song Workshop, Nigunim
July 28  5-6 pm  Sasha Lurje, Song Workshop
July 29  5-6 pm  Lorin Sklamburg, Sing-along session


Week 2 Festival Week, August 3-7

Each day during the Festival Week will feature these sessions, (but no workshop streams.) A more detailed schedule is coming soon. Lecturers will include Christina Crowder, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Michael Steinlauf and Lyudmila Sholokhova.

Daily 1-2 pm Meet the Artist
  5-6:15 pm The World of Kiselgof & Makonovetsky Lecture Series
   7:30 pm Evening concert


Week 3 August 10-16

August 11 6:30 – 7:30 pm Christina Crowder, Instrumental Workshop, KMDMP play-along session (Please note the special time of this session)
August 13 5-6 pm Christian Dawid, Instrumental Workshop, “What’s NOT in the chart”
August 15 5-6 pm Alan Bern, Instrumental Workshop


Week 4 August 17-21

August 18 5-6 pm Ilya Shneyveys, Dance Orchestra
August 19 5-6 pm Avinoam Stillman, Hasidic Music
August 20 5-6 pm Polina Shepherd, Yiddish Choir

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KMDMP Mini-Digi Sessions
Curious about what the KMDMP is and how to dig into it?
Come to these sessions and spend some time with the KMDMP digging into the materials together!

Spend an hour (or so) in the details of the KMDMP manuscripts with KMDMP team member Clara Byom and other KMDMP Participants! Haven't done any digitizing yet? Don't know how to read Yiddish? Not sure where to even start? That's okay! These are very informal sessions that will allow for questions, discussions, and anything else KMDMP-related that comes up.

All sessions are 17:00-18:00 German time.

July 26 // August 2 // August 9 // August 17


All STREAM YSW online events (except concert streams, which we will announce soon) can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook or Zoom, but we highly recommend that you join via zoom for the best experience. 

If you use Facebook, please join our Stream YSW Facebook group to receive all the latest updates and participate in discussions about the sessions:

For Workshops, lectures and Meet the Artist sessions, we strongly encourage you to join us on zoom and participate in the question and answer portion as well as the general chat during the events. This will help us to create as much of a feeling of community as we can, allow us to help troubleshoot tech issues and provide the most enriching experience for participants. If you use Facebook we highly recommend you join the group ‘STREAM YSW’ so you will also see any updates right away. If you have any issues accessing the streams please email and we will do our best to respond as soon as we can. 

To join on Zoom (recommended):
Simply click here to register for the zoom sessions. You will get a link which is valid for all the workshops, lectures and meet the artist sessions. The meetings have a ‘waiting room’, so when you first open the meeting you will be in the waiting room and the host will let you in as soon as we are ready. We plan to open the meetings 5 minutes before the sessions start, but please do not panic if it takes us a little longer to open the meeting, we will not start the session before the zoom set up is ready, but with so many moving pieces and a global pandemic it’s possible there will be occasional delays!

To join on YouTube:
Just click on this link, or go to YouTube and search for Yiddish summer weimar at the time fo the session and the live video should appear. If it takes a moment to go live please be patient – it’s our first time! [hint: If you subscribe to the YSW Youtube channel you’ll get notifications whenever we are live]

To join on Facebook:
We have created a special group where we will embed the YouTube videos for all live events and post info about the sessions or any delays due to weather. To join the group either click here or search for ‘STREAM YSW’ on Facebook.