Volunteers' FAQ

About YSW

What is YSW? more

When is YSW taking place? more

What is the topic of this year's YSW? more

Where is YSW taking place? more

Who is behind YSW? more

About Volunteering

What is the added value of volunteering at YSW? more

What does the work involve? more

What are my responsibilities as a volunteer? more

How long does the volunteer work last? more

How old do I have to be? more

Will I get paid? more

Do I get free accommodation? more

Do I get food? more

What expenses do I have to cover myself? more

How does the volunteer service work? more

What exactly is the difference between being an intern and being a volunteer? more

Can I get my volunteer work accredited as an internship? more

Will I receive a certificate for my work? more

What skills should I have? more

What should I bring with me? more

Registration & Contact

How do I register? more

I still have questions. Whom do I ask? more

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