Craig Judelman (USA/D; violin, voice)

Craig Judelman is a world renowned violinist and educator who first made a name for himself in New York playing with klezmer band Litvakus and American ‘old time’ folk band The Dust Busters. Though not a Hasid himself, Craig began singing in the synagogue as a young boy and has learned Hasidic music around many tables from Brooklyn to Jerusalem.

Now based in Berlin, he is a co-founder of the trio Lebedik and performs with Lorin Sklamberg, Michael Alpert, Bob Cohen and other klezmer luminaries. He has taught and performed at festivals around the world both with various klezmer bands and his American folk trio, Interstate Express.

Craig recently released an album with Michael Alpert titled 'In Der Heym' available now on New York based Borscht Beat label.

Photo: Shendl Copitman

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