What is Yiddish Summer Weimar?

What is Yiddish Summer Weimar? more

Where and when does YSW take place? more

Who can participate in YSW? more

What kind of recognition has YSW received? more

Who runs YSW? more

What is the Other Music Academy? more

About the workshops

Who teaches the YSW workshops?  more

What happens in a workshop? more

How big is the "workload" during the workshops? more

Are there also continuing courses? more

Where do the workshops and concerts take place? more

Can I receive a certificate of participation? more


Workshop fees

Is there a rebate if I take part in more than one workshop? more

Can I pay the registration fee in installments? more

What payment options are there? more

Can I pay you in cash and in person? more

What happens if a course is canceled? more

Is there a student rebate? more

Is there an Early Bird rebate? more

Is there a rebate for Other Music Academy e.V. members? more

What is the "Supporter" fee? more


How do I register? more

Can I register for additional courses after my initial registration and payment? more

What happens to my personal data? more

Accommodation, travel, and food

Accommodation in Weimar more

What are the arrival and departure times? more

Eating out in Weimar more


Are there Scholarships? more

How do I apply for a scholarship? more

What are the criteria for awarding a scholarship? more

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