Workshops YSW 2023

All workshops begin at 10 am the first day and end in the evening of the last day. Please plan your departure for the day after the last workshop day, and please plan your arrival to have enough time to sign in and then begin at 10 am on the first workshop day. Thank you!

Take a look at the conditions of participation 2023 before signing up!

Aug 14  19, 2023

Yiddish & Greco-Turkish Dance Orchestra with Christian Dawid, Patrick Farrell, Jacobus Thiele and Michalis Kouloumis
Accompaniment for dance teaching sessions: Alan Bern and Mark Kovnatskiy


Aug 15  19, 2023

Yiddish & Greco-Turkish Dance Workshop with Erik Bendix and Mehmet Ali Orman 
Assistant: Sayumi Yoshida


Aug 16  19, 2023

Yiddish Choir Workshop with Benjy Fox-Rosen and Esther Wratschko

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