Advanced Yiddish Dance
Aug 13 – 17, 2024

Advanced section: August 14-17, mornings
Otherwise together with the general dance workshop: August 13 morning & afternoon, and August 14-17, afternoons

with Zev Feldman, Alan Bern und Ziliyn Biret

Ashkenazic (Yiddish) dance is unique, rich in gesture, and has its own instrumental music accompaniment. It developed over four centuries among Jews throughout Eastern Europe. In addition to footwork, ideographic gestures and specific upper-body movements characterized the performance of the best Jewish dancers, who were known as a tentser. This workshop will focus on the improvised solo and communicative dancing of the tentser and how elements of this solo style are essential to group dances as well. We will focus on a few dances of Moldavian origin from the “transitional” repertoire, especially the two forms of the “hora” or “zhok” in triple time and in duple time.

Please note! This workshop is only open to advanced Yiddish dancers.
On August 14-17, it meets as a separate group for ½ day, then joins the regular Dance Workshop for the other ½ day. Before registering for this workshop, please send an email to explaining your experience and interests. Your email will be reviewed by the teaching team and you’ll receive a reply. Thank you for your understanding!

Workshop fee: 395 € Standard / 270 € Reduced / 545 € Sponsor / 145 € under 18

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