YSW Workshops for kids and teens

All YSW workshops are open for kids and teens! For those of you under 18, we are offering special discounted rates on all our workshops, including Yiddish singing, instrumental music, Yiddish language, and dance. You'll find the fee for each workshop on the registration page on the YSW website.
For descriptions of the individual workshops, click here. If you’re not sure which workshop is right for you, feel free to call us at +49 (0) 3643-858310 or get in touch with Andreas: .

We’ll help you pick one that’s a good fit!

You’re also very welcome to visit any of our free mini workshops during the festival week. At Yiddish Summer Weimar, every day of the summer break is an opportunity to discover a different aspect of Yiddish music and culture. We look forward to seeing you!

>> For an overview of all workshops

>> To register for the workshops

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