Yiddish Summer Weimar celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020!

Where have we arrived after this 20-year journey and how did we get here? And where might we be going next?

Join us for an hour, a day, a weekend, a week or a month as we delve into the past, present and future of one of the oldest and richest international, transcultural living languages and cultures in the world today – Yiddish!

The schedule of our workshops and Festival Week follows below. Follow this website and join our newsletter for all of the latest, updated information about faculty, registration, concerts and more!

July 19-23

  Master Classes with The Other Europeans Lautari Band
(Kalman Balogh, Marin Bunea, Csaba Novak, Petar Ralchev, Adrian Receanu, Adam Stinga)

July 19-25

  Yiddish Language, Level 1 (Beginners with no knowledge of the Alef-Beys)

July 20-24

  Introduction to Klezmer (Yiddish Instrumental Music)

July 27 - August 2

  Yiddish Language, Level 2
(Beginners with knowledge of the Alef-Beys and good knowledge of one Germanic language)

July 26 - August 2

  Advanced & Intermediate Klezmer (Yiddish Instrumental Music)

August 4-9

  Yiddish Children's Songs

August 4-9

  Yiddish Language, Level 3 (intermediate)

August 4-9

  New Jewish Music (with Cesar Lerner & Marcelo Moguilevsky)

August 5-9

  Youth Klezmer Band

August 5-9

  Hasidic Music

August 5-9

(concerts, films, mini-workshops, lectures, late night cabaret and more)

August 12-16

  Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (with Yair Dalal)

August 12-19

  Advanced & Intermediate Yiddish Song

August 12-19

  Yiddish Language, Level 4 (advanced)

August 15-19

  Introduction to Yiddish Song

August 17-22

  Yiddish Dance Orchestra

August 18-22

  Yiddish Dance

August 20-22

  Yiddish Choir

For all the latest news, keep your eye on this website, or better still, register for our newsletter!

Looking forward to seeing you next summer in Weimar!

Warmest greetings from Alan, Andreas, Johannes, Sabrina, Sayumi, Sabine, Katrin F., Katrin P. and Antonia!