Tomorrow - Sun, Jul 21 ‘24
Chorny-Ghergus Duo
Yiddish theater and cabaret songs from the early 20th century
Tomorrow 07:30 p.m.@Kultur- und Bildungszentrum der Jüdischen Landesgemeinde Erfurt more

Jam Session

An evening of informal music making in good company

Tomorrow 08:00 p.m.@Café am Markt Weimar more
Strauss-Warschauer Duo with special guest Ziliyn Biret
Songs about love, unity, and the golden chain of Yiddish culture that spans the generations
Tomorrow 08:00 p.m.@Wandelhalle Eisenach more
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Tue, Jul 23 ‘24

Jam Session

An evening of informal music making in good company

Tue, Jul 23 ‘24 08:00 p.m.@Zum Schwarzen Bär Weimar more
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Wed, Jul 24 ‘24

Jam Session

An evening of informal music making in good company

Wed, Jul 24 ‘24 08:00 p.m.@Sächsischer Hof Weimar more
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Welcome to Yiddish Summer Weimar!

In 2024, our 3-year exploration of Yiddish culture vis-a-vis Ottoman cultures culminates in a focus on Moldavia (not to be confused with the current Republic of Moldova), an historic region whose boundaries changed many times over the centuries, and an important center of Ashkenazi Jewish culture from the early 18th through the  mid-20th century.

We’re offering 12 immersive workshops in Yiddish language, instrumental and vocal music, dance and more, arranged by level from introductory through advanced. Our workshops are taught by artists and scholars who are leaders in their fields and passionate about teaching. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and we’re proud to be a diverse, respectful and supportive community.

Our Festival Week will return next summer from August 7-11, 2024 with an evening program of international-caliber concerts and a daytime program that includes our popular hands-on, mini-workshops, lectures and discussions, and offerings for young people and families.

Scroll down for the 2024 workshop schedule to help you with your planning. Details about workshops, the Festival Week and online registration will follow soon. We hope you can join us for Yiddish Summer Weimar 2024!

YSW24 Workshops Schedule

Introduction to Klezmer: July 12 – 17
Ziliyn Biret, Deborah Strauss, Jeff Warschauer

Introduction to Yiddish Song: July 12 – 17
Sasha Lurje, Sarah Myerson

Intermediate Instrumental: July 18 – 25
Zoë Aqua, Marine Goldwaser, Emil Goldschmidt, Tayfun Guttstadt, Sanne Möricke, Jeff Warschauer, Shaun Williams

Intermediate/Advanced Song: July 18 – 25
Efim Chorny, Suzanna Ghergus, Vassilis Ketentzoglou, Eftychia Mitritsa

Shteyt oyf! Rise up! Learn the Yiddish alphabet!: July 19 – 21
Janina Wurbs

Yiddish Language Program - Hasidic Yiddish: July 23 – August 4
Dr. Zoë Belk, Eli Benedict, Mendy Cahan, Kriszta Eszter Szendroi, Janina Wurbs

Advanced Instrumental: July 28 – August 4
Alan Bern, Marin Bunea, Laurent Clouet, Zev Feldman, Mark Kovnatskiy, Sofia Labropoulou, Danai Loukidi, Adam Stinga

Jewish Thought On One Foot: How the Ark became an Idol: August 7 – 10
Miriam Camerini, Rabbi Elhanan Miller

Hasidic Music (1/2 day): August 7 – 11
Patrick Farrell, Sveta Kundish

Youth Klezmer Band (afternoon): August 8 – 11
Craig Judelman, Sasha Lurje, Hannah Ochner, Ilya Shneyveys

Dance Orchestra: August 12 – 17
Szilvia Csaranko, Susi Evans, Mark Kovnatskiy, Ilya Shneyveys

Dance:  August 13 – 17
Nicoleta Fiodorov-Ganea, Mehmet Ali Orman, Andreas Schmitges

Advanced Yiddish Dance: August 13 – 17
Zev Feldman, Alan Bern, Ziliyn Biret

Yiddish Choir: August 14 – 17
Sarah Myerson, Esther Wratschko

Photo: Shendl Copitman

YSW24 Faculty

Photo: Shendl Copitman

Festival Week is back!

Join us for the Festival Week from August 7 - 11, 2024
An inspiring mix of concerts, hands-on workshops, jam sessions, talks and more, and a chance to meet with old friends and make new ones.

Photo: Shendl Copitman


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