The topics and dates of the workshops are mostly fixed (see below) and registration will begin soon.

In 2019 we recognize the 100th anniversary of the beginnings of the Weimar Republic. To celebrate the almost unimaginable outpouring of creative energy throughout Europe in that era, our special topic next year will be "The Weimar Republic of Yiddishland" - an encounter between the Weimar Republic and the politically virtual but culturally very real Republic of Yiddishland.

Thanks to a generous grant from the German Federal Cultural Foundation, we will draw on this extraordinarily creative phase in Yiddish cultural history to create an impressive array of brand-new projects with a superb roster of international artists. We're still working out all the details, but for now, here are the tentative dates:
YSW 2019: July 11 - August 18, including the FESTIVAL WEEK from July 27 - August 3 with a world premiere every night!


Yiddish Instrumental Music (Klezmer), Intermediate (with Cookie Segelstein, Joshua Horowitz & Emil Goldschmidt)
July 13-18 2019

Yiddish Instrumental Music (Klezmer), Advanced  (with Benjy Fox-Rosen, Joshua Horowitz, Marilyn Lerner, Joel Rubin and Cookie Segelstein)
July 20-26 2019

Yiddish Children’s Songs (with Esther Gottesmann, Deborah Strauss)
July 22-27 2019 (final presentation July 27 in the morning)

Ruth Rubin Repertoire (with Susan Ghergus & Efim Chorny)
July 28-31 2019

Introduction to Klezmer and Yiddish Song 
(with Patrick Farrell & Deborah Strauss)
July 14-18 2019

Yiddish Language, Beginners for students with no knowledge of the Alef-Beys (with Janina Wurbs & Yankl-Peretz Blum)
July 12-18 2019

Yiddish Language, Advanced Beginners for students with knowledge of the Alef-Beys (with Janina Wurbs & Yankl-Peretz Blum)
July 20-26 2019

Yiddish Language, Intermediate (with N.N. & Khayele Beer)
July 28 - Aug 3 2019

Yiddish Language, Advanced (with Khayele Beer & N.N.)
Aug 7 - Aug 13 2019

Hasidic Music (with Christian Dawid & Rabbi Sruli Dresdner)
July 29 - Aug 2 2019

Youth Klezmer Band 
(with Georg Brinkmann)
July 29 - Aug 3 2019

Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (with Yair Dalal)

Aug 7-11 2019

20th c. Jewish Classical Music and its Klezmer Roots (with Alan Bern, Ilia Gindin & Mark Kovnatskiy)
Aug 7-11 2019

Yiddish Song Workshop (with Daniel Kahn, Sasha Lurje, Josh Waletzky & Artist in Residence Cantor Sveta Kundish & Patrick Farrell)
Aug 7 - 13 2019

Yiddish Choir (with Polina Shepherd)
3-4 days between Aug 14 and Aug 18, exact dates to be announced.  

Yiddish Dance Orchestra (with Susi Evans, Craig Judelman, Hampus Melin & Ilya Shneyveys)

6 days between Aug 12 and Aug 18, exact dates to be announced.  

Yiddish Dance (with Michael Alpert, Zev Feldman & Steve Weintraub)

5 days between Aug 13 and Aug 18, exact dates to be announced.

Badkhones (with Mendy Cahan) 

exact dates to be announced.

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Looking forward to seeing you next summer in Weimar!

Warmest greetings from Alan, Andreas, Johannes, Sabrina, Sayumi, Sabine, Katrin F., Katrin P. and Antonia!