Dear Friends of Yiddish Summer!

We want to share with you the program planned for Yiddish Summer Weimar 2020, although at this moment we simply don’t know what will be possible by mid-July. For that reason, the program, including all public events as well as workshops, is subject to change, postponement or even cancellation depending on how the Covid-19 pandemic develops. We are working hard on flexible and creative responses to a very difficult challenge, possibly including various online options. In view of this reality, we are not yet accepting registrations. But we hope you’ll note the dates in your calendar and check our website for regular updates to stay informed. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter.

Hasidic Music
Aug 5 – 9

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

With Christian Dawid & Rabbi Sruli Dresdner

Academic credit for this workshop!

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student at a university or conservatory? If so, you can probably get 1-3 academic credits for taking this workshop, thanks to our new cooperation with the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany. Please send an email to for more details.

Participants in last year’s workshop were quickly swept up by the profound beauty of Hasidic music thanks to the incredibly powerful teaching team of Sruli and Christian. They return to us this year by popular demand to bring both new and returning students into a unique, spiritually-inspired musical world. 

Sruli, who grew up in a Hasidic family, writes:
“The secret to understanding and performing Hasidic music is the knowledge that every Hasidic melody is a nign – an instrumental song. In the Hasidic world, there is really no distinction between a melody that is sung and one that is played on an instrument. In fact, every melody is both sung and played – sung in an instrumental style and played in a vocal style. Every Hasid – including, of course, those who play instruments – is a singer of nigunim: a Hasidic clarinetist or violinist plays the same melodies he has sung all his life. Many Hasidic melodies are also connected to a religious text, which informs the way that particular nign is sung and played. The Hasidic nign combines a deep spirituality with a passionate energy that mirrors the intensity of Hasidic life. This workshop will immerse the participant in the unique power of the nign.”

This workshop is suitable for intermediate through advanced instrumentalists and for singers of all levels.

Workshop fee: 345 € Standard / 270 € Reduced / 470 € Sponsor / 145 € under 18.
For information about the Standard, Reduced and Supporter fees >> read about

The evening program that caps each workshop day has much to do with the unique atmosphere of Yiddish Summer Weimar. On some evenings we meet for jam sessions in Weimar's cafés or in the Other Music Academy (OMA), a great opportunity to put into practice what you've been learning during the day and connect with the other participants. On other evenings, we present concerts connected to the workshop topic performed by internationally recognized artists. During the Festival Week (August 5 – 9), directly following each evening's featured event in the mon ami cultural center, we meet again in the OMA for the Late Night Cabaret, an informal and fun atmosphere for short performances by anyone ready to jump on stage. In Yiddish Summer Weimar, learning, playing and connecting with each other go hand-in-hand.