Laurent Clouet (FR/GR; clarinet and saxophone)

trained through his travels and encounters with the music of oral traditions. Over the last fifteen years, he has specialized in Southeastern European music, working alongside some major performers of this repertoire, including Selim Sesler and Serdar Pazarcıoğlu in Turkey, Nikola Iliev and Petar Voinikov in Bulgaria, Manos Achalinotopoulos and Stavros Pazarentsis in Greece, and Denis Shavlev and Erol Asimov in North Macedonia.

Laurent regularly gives workshops on klezmer and Balkan music in France and abroad, notably at Drom, RDV Klezmer and the Çok Malko Collective, as well as at Yiddish Summer Weimar. He  plays in numerous groups with diverse musical aesthetics, such as Selanik Turbo Bend, Bey.Ler.Bey Trio, Infernal Biguine (Creole music) and the Beigale Orkestra. As a soloist, he has performed and recorded in France, Turkey, Morocco, and India.

Photo: Christelle Quessada

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