Marine Goldwaser (F; clarinet, flute)

Marine is a professional musician based in Paris. She is a clarinetist and flutist, and the founder of the klezmer and gypsy music band “Le Petit Mish-Mash.” She also performs with various artists such as Chilly Gonzales, Socalled, Michael Winograd or Amit Weisberger, as well as collaborating with theater companies.

She regularly performs and teaches all over the world. The cultural legacy she received during childhood at her father's Yiddish Theater Company was a major influence on her current path. After studying at the Strasbourg School of Music and at the CNSM of Lyon (France) where she earned a M.A. in musical research and interpretation, she studied with the lăutar Cezar Cazanoi, considered one of the most important figures of traditional gypsy/Romanian music in Bucharest today, and travelled around Romania researching the relationship between klezmer and gypsy music.

She runs “Mish-Mash and company,” which produce shows, organise cultural events and transmission projects related to Yiddish music and other traditional music and cultures.

Photo: Roman Schneider

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