Sasha Lurje (LV/D; voice)

is a leading Yiddish singer whose diverse projects include the rock beats of forshpil (, haunting melodies of the Semer Ensemble, and innovative blends in projects like Black Rooster Sings, a revue of Latvian Jewish and Latvian music collected by Emilis Melngalis, and Goyfriend, a blend of Jewish and non-Jewish music about friendly and not-so-friendly neighbors.

Her collaborations range from Songs from Testimonies with the Yale University Fortunoff Archive, to intercultural endeavors with Helsinki Yiddish Cabaret, to theatrical performances with Michael Wex’s Last Night in Cabaret Yitesh and Josh Waletzky’s Pleytem Tsuzamen.

An active pillar of the Berlin klezmer community, Sasha has been a frequent faculty member at Yiddish Summer Weimar and at the festivals Shtetl Berlin and Seattle Yiddish Fest, both of which she co-organizes.

especially from 21:00 onwards

Photo: Avia Moore

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