A shtim fun harts (A voice from the heart)

A Shabes-Inspired Evening of Sharing through Hasidic Dance

Fr, Aug 2 ‘24   08:00 @OMA Weimar | Free Admission

In Jewish culture, Friday evening, or Shabes, is a uniquely special time. According to the Torah, the Creator rested on the 7th day, then observed Creation and found it to be good. Religious Jews throughout the world have observed the commandment for millenia to rest from all toil and trouble once a week beginning at sundown on Friday in order to focus on all the most important things in life: family, friends, peace, health and more. A very large repertoire of songs and other cultural expressions celebrate Shabes. A shtim fun harts is Yiddish Summer Weimar's secular observance of this central tradition: a Shabes-inspired evening for sharing songs, stories, and whatever else we want with each other.

Today's celebration is particularly special: Eli Benedict, a scholar of traditional Yiddish culture and dance, will lead all of us in an evening of traditional Hasidic dance and song--a perfect way to celebrate Shabes together among people of all ages and beliefs. Everyone is welcome!

Free admission. Donations are welcome.

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