Brooklyn Klezmer Trio feat. Ziliyn Biret

A journey through Yiddish music from Bessarabia

Mo, Jul 29 ‘24   06:00 @St. Christopheruskirche Tiefurt | Admission: 10 €

The Brooklyn Klezmer Trio transports us to Bessarabia at the beginning of the twentieth century, following in the footsteps of waves of Jewish emigrants traveling to the United States — and of the music they brought with them. As klezmer tunes and Yiddish songs crossed the ocean and took root in new places, they told the story of the people who carried them. Passed down over the next hundred years, the music gained new layers of meaning from each passing generation. The Brooklyn Klezmer Trio, a collaboration between three of their generation’s most versatile and acclaimed Yiddish musicians, bring this music to life in a program of tunes that made this journey, and in doing so, they add the next chapter to the continuing story of Yiddish music.

Ziliyn Biret (Réunion) - clarinet, flute
Sarah Myerson (US) - voice, poyk
Ilya Shneyveys (LV/US) - accordion

Admission: €10.00
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