Emil Goldschmidt (DK; clarinet) 

Emil Goldschmidt is a clarinetist and teacher specialized in authentic Eastern European Jewish music. Born in 1983 he started playing drums at an age of eight, but soon fell in love with the wood winds. At nine years old he was admitted in The Tivoli Boys Guard on the clarinet, where he took his very first steps in his professional career.

Emil Goldschmidt is classically trained, but the old recordings of the Jewish masters, David Tarras and Naftule Brandwein sparked his interest in Yiddish music. Taught by David Krakauer and Andy Statman, he quickly discovered his own voice in Jewish music leading him to establish Mames Babegenush. Rooted in East European dance music Mames Babegenush quickly dazzled both audience and critics, which has led up to concerts in more than 12 different countries. Along with this he also studied Romanian and Greco-Turkish music.

For the past ten years Emil Goldschmidt has been actively involved in the Yiddish scene both as a performer and teacher. He co-founded the Neukölln Klezmer Sessions and the Yiddish culture festival Shtetl Berlin and has been a member of the faculty of Yiddish Summer Weimar and KlezKanada. Currently he is also VD of Goldschmidts Music Academy that gives free music education to socially vulnerable children.

Mames Babegenush – Podolian Prom | Nordic Klezmer

Hashkiveynu Blue

Photo: Dennis Lehmann