Kriszta Eszter Szendrői (HU; Yiddish language)

is a professor of linguistics at the University of Vienna. She was the co-leader of the UCL Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish research group, documenting the characteristics of this variety of Yiddish. In addition to language practices, the group also studied Hasidic books, magazines, pedagogical materials, and pop culture and translated government health advice into Hasidic Yiddish.

Kriszta was the main organizer of the year-long Ada Rapaport-Albert online seminar series; the academic conference YiLaS Yiddish Language Structures 3, held in London; the one-week-long immersion Yiddish language and cultural school Shtayt geshribn; and the “Yidish oyf der shpur - A quest for Yiddish” Festival in Vienna. She is also the founder of the new Yiddish library and cultural centre in Vienna, YUNG YiDiSH WIEN.,largely%20on%20the%20Lithuanian%20dialect.

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