Thu, Jul 20 ‘23 08:00 PM
Sizzling-Hot Mix of Klezmer, Balkan and Roma Roots Music

Having begun their musical adventure on the streets of Nantes, France, for more than twenty years Dobranotch has been bringing the world the boundless energy of roots music: Jewish, Russian, Balkan, and Roma. In a classical concert hall their sound is refined, in a club or at a festival they send the audience into a dancing trance, and when they come down from the stage they become the orchestra for a magical carnival.
Soul-stirring! Dobranotch!

Dmitry Khramtsov (D) - violin, voice
Germana Gordienko (D) - tsimbl
Paul Milmeister (D) - banjo
Evgenii Lizin (D) - poyk
Jack Butler (GB) - tuba
Ilia Gindin (BG) - clarinet, sax

Location: Wandelhalle, Wartburgallee 53, 99817 Eisenach
Contact: , +49(0)15776463340
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