Musical Calling Cards of the Masters Faculty Concert, Advanced Instrumental Workshop
Wed, Jul 31 ‘24 08:00 PM
Musikschule "Johann Nepomuk Hummel"

The faculty, artists-in-residents and fellows leading this year’s Advanced Instrumental Workshop are celebrated masters of the diverse musical cultures that coeixted in a region roughly outlined by the cities of Hotin, Salonica and Constantinople under late Ottoman rule. This evening, they present brilliant musical “calling cards” that show the ongoing vitality and creativity of those musical traditions. Gorgeous melodies and virtuosity the likes of which astonished Liszt and his contemporaries 150 years ago return to Weimar in this very special concert.



Alan Bern (US/D) - piano, accordion

Marin Bunea (MD) - violin

Laurent Clouet (FR/GR) - clarinet, saxophone

Zev Feldman (US) - musical direction

Mark Kovnatskiy (D) - violin

Sofia Labropoulou (AT/GR) - kanun

Danai Loukidi (GR) - violin

Adam Stinga (MD) - trumpet

And others t.b.a

Admission: €20.00 / €10.00
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Location: Musikschule "Johann Nepomuk Hummel", Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1, 99423 Weimar
Contact: , +49(0)15776463340

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