Yiddish Language Program - Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish

July 23 – Aug 4, 2024
Week One: July 23 - 28
Week Two: July 30 - Aug 4
(unstructured “free” day on July 29)

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

with Dr. Zoë Belk, Eli Benedict, Mendy Cahan, Kriszta Eszter Szendro und Janina Wurbs

Yiddish is a living language that has always had many dialects and varieties. But its rich diversity and contemporary relevance is rarely presented in summer Yiddish language programs, which typically teach only Standard Yiddish. This year we’re doing something new: we’re focusing on Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish, the variety that is the daily spoken language of around one million people in the USA, Europe, Israel and around the world.
Our unique teaching team includes both native speakers of Hasidic Yiddish and expert researchers who are members of the innovative Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish group at UCL (University College London). We will study Yiddish together using a variety of approaches, including both Standard Yiddish and Hasidic Yiddish teaching materials and ways of learning. We’ll be working with historical Hasidic texts, modern Hasidic literature, nigunim, Hasidic pop music, traditional and contemporary film, and more. Formal language classes will take place in the mornings, with separate sections for beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes. Afternoons will be dedicated to more informal learning in an immersive Yiddish environment.

This workshop includes one, unstructured “free” day for practicing alone or with others, reviewing materials, or just resting.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or you’ve taken Standard Yiddish classes, or you’re a fluent Yiddish speaker, you’ll find this workshop fascinating, mind-opening, and possibly even life-changing. We strongly recommend that absolute beginners take the 3-day “crash course” in learning the Yiddish alphabet to prepare for this workshop (“Shteyt oyf! Rise up! Learning the Yiddish alphabet!” July 19-21, taught by Janina Wurbs, details on the YSW website).

Please note! It is not possible for absolute beginners to join the workshop only for the second week.

Workshop fee for two weeks: 855 € Standard / 555 € Reduced / 1215 € Sponsor / 255 € under 18

Workshop fee for one week: 465 € Standard / 315 € Reduced / 645 € Sponsor / 165 € under 18

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