Marin Bunea (MD; violin)

who hails from northern Moldova and grew up with traditional music from an early age, continues to play and promote the rich tradition he has inherited. Marin represents the fifth generation of an old lautar family from Baraboi-Edineț. He describes the music of traditional lautari as “warm, spiritual, light, and full of brightness,” explaining that “being a violinist and trying to understand closely each technical detail of the interpretation, I am often astonished by the extraordinary technical mastery, stylistic refinement, and impressive artistry of the lautars.”

Marin is active as a violinist, conductor, arranger and composer in the traditional style both at home and abroad. He has played concerts and tours with many traditional music ensembles in more than 20 countries, including Romania, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, USA and Canada.

Photo: Sergiu Golban

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