Sanne Möricke (NL/D; accordion),

who was born in Amsterdam, is a highly sought-after klezmer accordionist. She first studied ethnomusicology before continuing her studies in accordion.

Sanne has specialized in Yiddish instrumental music since 1992, and she currently also explores music from Southeastern Europe, with a focus on rembetiko. Over the years, Sanne has played in several klezmer ensembles with a range of line-ups and styles.

She has also worked as a theater and studio musician and has taught at many international festivals and seminars. Sanne lives in Berlin and currently plays with the ensembles Lebedik, Ljuti Hora and Dinos Bouzanis.

"Sanne's accordion is nothing to sneeze at..." -Ari Davidow, Klezmershack

lebedik – minuten fun bitokkn:

ljuti hora:

trio yas – syrtos politikos:

Photo: Sarah R. Möricke

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