Vassilis Ketentzoglou (GR; guitar, composition, orchestration)

Vassilis Ketentzoglou is a guitarist, composer and orchestrator based in Athens, Greece. He has collaborated with many well-known Greek artists and has performed all around Greece and in many distinguished concert venues in Europe, USA and Asia.

Vassilis holds a M.Mus. in Composition for Screen (Royal College of Music, London, UK), a BMus (Hons) degree in Music (Royal Holloway, University of London), and the Degrees of "Classical Guitar Performance", of "Harmony Specialist", of "Counterpoint" and of "Fugue" (Hellenic Conservatory). He loves the fusion of modal/microtonal music and jazz harmony, as well as the fusion of improvisatory music and set arrangements.

Vassilis Ketentzoglou - Despedida | Sofar Greece - YouTube

Foto: Shendl Copitman

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