Dance Workshop Aug 14 – 18 @Tanzwerkstatt
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

With Andreas Schmitges, Nir de Volff, N.N.
Artist-in-Residence: Sayumi Yoshida, Mark Kovnatskiy, N.N.

Each year, the Dance Workshop is one of the highlights of Yiddish Summer. Why? Because although traditional Yiddish dance is closely related to many other folk dance traditions of Western and Eastern Europe, it's also also unique in its own way. In Yiddish couple, line and circle dances, it's not only the steps that matter. Each dancer also uses arm and upper body gestures to express his or her individual feelings and to communicate with the other dancers. Like klezmer (Yiddish) music, it's the communication that matters most! And speaking of music - you'll be dancing to live music played by a 35-piece orchestra led by Ilya Shneyveys, Alan Bern and other stars of today's klezmer music world. The sound is incredible! Guaranteed to wake the last sleepy bone in your body!

In keeping with the theme of this year's workshop - The Other Israel: New Spaces - this year's Dance Workshop will present traditional Yiddish dances, newly choreographed Yiddish dances, and dances from other cultural traditions in Israel. We will also explore the place of Yiddish dance in Israel today, watch short films showing Yiddish and other dance traditions, and reflect together on what we're learning. And after the daytime instruction, we meet in the evenings for free-wheeling dance sessions to live music. Now you know why the Dance Workshop is a Yiddish Summer highlight, the only thing missing is you! 

Whether you're an experienced folk dancer or just someone who loves exciting music and likes to move, we're sure that you'll learn a lot and have a lot of fun in the Dance Workshop. So, if you're a Dance Workshop regular, we look forward to seeing you again this summer, and if you've never yet been to our Dance Workshop, we really want to encourage you to jump in with both feet. You'll be glad you did!

Workshop fee: Standard 345 € / Reduced 270 € / Supporter 470 € / Under 18: 145 €
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